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Gender Transition is Surgical Gluttony

Aug 10

Written by: Del Meyer
08/10/2017 11:40 AM 

Transitioning from female to male is much more than bottom surgery.
It’s borders on expensive mutilation surgery.

How Roberta became Robert: A case study

Robert Case was a new patient who came in for a complete physical examination. He was short, friendly, articulate, warm and touching. He had full facial hair, both beard and mustache. The medical history as he gave it was unremarkable. The examination was rather enlightening. On examining his chest, which was very hairy, there were two scars which suggested breast surgery. These would not have been noticed by the untrained eye. Males occasionally do have breast cancer. He quickly answered my query stating that he was formerly a woman and transitioned to a man. Therefore, he had had undergone bilateral mastectomies. On examining his abdomen, there was a scar in the pubic area. He reminded me that he also had a hysterectomy, bilateral oophorectomy (removal of both ovaries) and vaginectomy (removal of his vagina) in his transitional surgery. (He bore four offspring when he was a woman.) On examining his genitalia, his penis (formerly clitoris) was about 3 inches long as the result of his testosterone injections, but still about half the size of a normal male. He stated that his penis (formerly clitoris) was long enough and sensitive enough that he could have sexual relations with his wife with extra effort. There was no urethra in the center of the clitoris as in a male penis. The female urinates from a urethra that sits below the clitoris. Therefore, he (she) had to sit to urinate and could not use the male urinals in a rest room. But most men’s restrooms do have enclosed toilets, so this did not create a restroom problem. (If he had used the restroom of his birth genetic sex and entered a women’s restroom, it would have created quite a stir.) His transition surgeon had created a scrotum between his clitoris, now a diminutive penis, and his (her) urethra with two aluminum testicles enclosed. This former woman, who is a genetic female with X-X chromosomes, also carried a diagnosis of schizophrenia. He (she) had no hallucinations and spoke appropriately.

Some years later, the wife came in and joyously stated that his new psychiatrist determined he is no longer schizophrenic, but bipolar.

Neither have been seen again except in the halls of the hospital and were very cordial.

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