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Gender Transitioning

Sep 9

Written by: Del Meyer
09/09/2017 12:21 PM 

Dr. Rosen:      We’re seeing a lot of gender transformation.

Dr. Edwards:  It’s a media hype. Gender transformation is impossible because no one can change the chromosomes which really define gender. 

Dr. Milton:      All my gender transformation patients have serious psychiatric problems which cause permanent stress. It doesn’t go away with pills.

Dr. Ruth:        The number of medical organizations that have entered the fray is unbelievable. Some like the Pediatric have split. One goes by the College of Pediatrician and the other by the Association of Pediatricians, as I recall. It’s the American College of Pediatrician that recommends caution. Let your adolescent outgrow it.

Dr. Michelle:   I can’t believe the number of mothers that have been convinced by their children’s pediatrician. They give consent to mutilating surgery and cross-sex puberty hormone treatment.

Dr. Ruth:        Most of these children will go through puberty unscathed if just left alone. Nature heals many illness—or shall we say problems with no illness.

Dr. Edwards:  There was one group which recently stated that there aren’t two genders, but six.

Dr. Milton:      It’s like who can run the fastest to rediculosity.

Dr. Dave:        But will there ever be an awakening?

Dr. Milton:      It all depends on the needs of the populace. Some minds cannot be changed by facts.

Dr. Ruth:        Now that’s a perspective we frequently forget—why some crazy ideas last so long.

Dr. Joseph: Ret:      Now I thought that was a characteristic of a previous time, rather like when I went to school.

Dr. Rosen:      But this one will be different. At the rate of “bottom surgical transformation”, these poor unfortunate children will spend their entire adult life seeing how their sex organs have been mutilated. We’re going to see more severe psychiatric problems.

 Dr. Edwards: It will come home to haunt us..

Dr. Rosen:      And it won’t be the type of psychiatric aberrancy that can be treated with a pill—not even the newest psychotropic drug.

Dr. Edwards:  I saw one report recently about requests to reverse prior gender transformation. It’s not a pretty picture, not emotionally and not considering the dubious results of prior bottom surgery. To restore a penis, vagina, testicles, or ovaries is essentially impossible. And to try to reverse not only increases the mutilation, but severely exacerbates the depression with the worry of suicide.

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