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Handbook of Total Body Re-conditioning

Apr 10

Written by: Del Meyer
04/10/2018 2:04 AM 


When we met about twenty years ago, Dr. Meyer was editor of SSV Medicine, the official publication of the three county Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society. He maintains an active blog, and a monthly newsletter. An active physician in Sacramento California for 45 years, he often sees patients with obesity and/or diabetes. As a pulmonologist, specializing in diseases of the lungs, he treats those who are so severely overweight that they cannot breathe well. 

Neither obesity nor diabetes can be successfully treated or controlled by anyone except the overweight or diabetic person. No physician, no government, no law or regulation, no family member, friend or anyone else can pull that off because it requires changes in personal behavior, in motivation, and in understanding.

Dr. Meyer’s experience led him to shun didactic, ‘Doctor’s Orders’ interactions with his patients, and develop ways to communicate better; to listen and speak.

This Handbook is one result. You, the reader, will note that Dr. Meyer often addresses /you/ directly; you the person rather than the category, diabetic or obese. He shares his own experience with being overweight, and pre-diabetic. Yet he does not talk down; there is enough technical detail here, and enough information to understand the problem and the process of self-care, and self cure. Dr. Del Meyer offers you the information, and the tools so You can overcome.

As Dr. Meyer urges:  *Be Well*

John Loofbourow, MD

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