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Hostility against President Trump

Mar 6

Written by: Del Meyer
03/06/2017 11:54 AM 

Dr. Rosen:      The constant hostility and denigration of our President is beyond the pale.

Dr. Edwards:  The attempts to treat him as unbalance mentally are about the same as the liberals treated President Reagan.

Dr. Ruth:        Isn’t that the truth. Are there that many people that are too young to even know President Reagan and what he did?

Dr. Edwards:  I think that’s the half of it.

Dr. Rosen:      We should note that our US Senator Ed Kennedy wrote to Mikhail Gorbachev what would he suggest we do to get rid of our lunatic President Reagan.

Dr. Ruth:        I had almost forgotten those details. How did that emerge?

Dr. Milton:      When the Soviets declassified documents some years later, the letter from Ed Kennedy was uncovered.

Dr. Rosen:      Now if President Trump had done that, the liberals would impeach him. And Trump is the president and has a right to talk to anybody anywhere.

Dr. Ruth:        But a senator doesn’t have any rights for foreign diplomacy, does he?

Dr. Edwards:  I don’t think so. Neither does a Governor. How does Jerry Brown get away with his negotiating with China?

Dr. Rosen:      The Conservatives are just not as skillful as the Liberals in propagating news virally without regard to veracity. Also, the liberals are just dismissive of any conservative or constitutional stance and subvert the message totally.

Dr. Ruth:        Let’s be thankful that we have Trump. There was no other candidate with the Hutzpah to continue with this type of barrage against him or her.

Dr. Rosen:      I think our Democratic Former Speaker of the California Assembly who now has a column in the SF Chronicle gave good advice to Trump. He should say, Hell Yes, I spoke to Putin. I have the right and obligation to do so. Period.

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