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Is our president able to withstand the on-slaught?

Oct 25

Written by: Del Meyer
10/25/2017 4:19 AM 

Dr. Rosen:      Our new president has been sworn in and the party that lost is in a beastly uproar.

Dr. Edwards:  This is more than we expected.

Dr. Milton:      It’s probably more than any prior president had to put up with.

Dr. Ruth:         I think he’s a strong enough man to withstand the onslaught.

Dr. Michelle:   I hope so. He’s the only one that can remove Obama’s heavy hand on our profession.

Dr. Yancy:      I don’t think we’ll see progress very soon.

Dr. Sam:         It is absolutely amazing that the defeated candidate did far more damage to the nation’s security than any president previously. Why can’t the Party of Lincoln and Reagan stand up more strongly to this diatribe and point this out more effectively?

Dr. Dave:        They don’t want to grovel in the dirt.

Dr. Kaleb:       I’ve notice that civility seems to be lacking significantly in the public discourse. But it seems so one-sided.

Dr. Patricia:    I guess Peggy Noonan was correct. The only way to change this country is that the party
of Roosevelt and Johnson has to be voted out of office. They’re not subject to reason.

Dr. Joseph: Ret: I wish we could return to the day that essentially most physicians were members of the
Party of Lincoln and Reagan.  We all stood for the private practice of medicine.

Dr. Rosen:      It is nearly incomprehensible how any physician can think the country or our patients are better off when the government comes between us.

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