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Medicaid Patients With HMOs Think They Are Insured

May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 4:53 AM 

Dr. Rosen: Now that Obamacare has been implemented, how is that affecting our practice?

Dr. Dave: It has increased our complement of Welfare Patients under the illusions that they are now in an HMO.

Dr. Sam: But they aren’t like an HMO patient. The new clothes has not made a difference in how he acts.

Dr. Edwards: Just giving someone new clothes does not change the person.

Dr. Milton: New clothes do not change the man unless it changes his perception of who he is. And that doesn’t usually happen. My psychiatry colleagues say that they have difficulty in doing that even with two or three years of talk treatment.

Dr. Ruth: We receive a number of requests daily from welfare patients who try to avoid stating their previous welfare or Medicaid status. They feel they are now first class citizens with an HMO. But my front office is very skillful in picking up from their language that they are medical recipients in sheep’s clothing.

Dr. Edwards: Isn’t it tragic how these Medicaid and welfare patients think that now they have HMO coverage, that they have usual insurance. Some have even told my staff that they have called more than a dozen physician’s offices and none were willing to accept them.

Dr. Patricia: We are also receiving a number of calls daily from patients who think they have health  care coverage under the new Obamacare. These have to be dealt with very carefully.  Once they get into your practice, it’s very hard to get them to move on. They act very litigious. And litigious threats can become lawsuits which will tie you up for months and  possibly for years and bankrupt you.

Dr. Milton: Physicians at the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons have shown for more than a decade that having insurance may not provide you with health care.

Dr. Rosen: Let’s not forget the famous case in Canada where Dr Jacques Chaoulli went before the the Canadian Supreme Court and Won: Final verdict: Canadians don’t have access to healthcare, they only have access to a waiting list. Isn’t that what Americans are learning from Obamacare. They don’t really have access to health care. They now just have an HMO card.

Dr. Milton: The person that implemented RomneyCare in Massachusetts stated that people are  basically stupid about health care. He then got a promotion to help develop Obama Care. He thought most Americans are equally stupid about their healthcare.

Dr. Rosen: But it doesn’t stop there. The Congress has a confidence rating approaching 10%. The president has a confidence rating that’s now below 40%. Why would any thinking progressive or regressive or conservative American put any stock in any health plan  developed by these medical illiterates?

Dr. Milton: And we have to be very careful not to fall for another catastrophic political conundrum. I think that many Americans are not sufficiently aware of Governor Romney and Governor Christie being RINOs, Republican In Name Only. If such a person would be nominated for president, that would spell the death knoll to the Republican Party. And then Goodbye to the American Dream of Freedom that is scarcely two centuries old. Hillary has said Americans have too much Freedom. It’s hard to socialize and restrict freedom without being a tyrant which she would be good at—probably as good as our current White House occupant.

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