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Red vs Blue

Dec 4

Written by: Del Meyer
12/04/2018 3:59 AM 

Dr. Rosen:      I always have to do mental gymnastics when news commentators refer to the blues and the reds. I’ve been used to calling the liberals “reds” since during the time we were ridding our country of the communists, the liberals were always referred to as the Reds implying their friendliness to the communists or the Reds.

Dr. Edwards:  I’m of the same vintage and I’ve thought of the liberals as reds since they were often then in the democratic party.

Dr. Milton:      Didn’t the change come about by FDR or was it TIME magazine?

Dr. Edwards:  I think you’re right about the change but it’s before my time.

Dr. Rosen:      I’ve tried to research the time and who did it, but the record has not become any clearer to me. I just attributed it to the subterfuge of TIME since they did not want to be linked to the communists and they were not known as an anticommunist news outlet. 

Dr. Ruth:        This is all very new to me since I was born in the 1950s when the Republicans were known as the Red party for whatever reason.

Dr. Michelle:   I’m also out of the loop but it is very interesting and logical. I’ve always thought of the liberal party as being slightly subversive and the Republicans as being somewhat naïve.

Dr. Yancy:      We now have a president that has the ability to be forceful in his efforts. If anybody can change it back, he’s the one that could do it.

Dr. Sam:         Maybe the occasional blip of the purple party is an initial attempt at this effort? Maybe we should start a movement to call the liberals the Purple Party which would then be in popular dialogue.

Dr. Yancy:      What a splendid idea. Since the change in the mid-20th century appears to have been subversive, this sounds a little subversive also. Isn’t that the way to reverse a subversive idea?

Dr. Dave:        Hey, I’m onboard.  I’ve always been intrigued by a little bid of espionage.

Dr. Yancy:      Maybe we’re on to something here. You know we still don’t know who killed Foster.

Dr. Sam:         Not only Foster. There are as many as 50 unexplained deaths according to some reports.

Dr. Yancy:      Don’t you think we really know?

Dr. Rosen:      I think we better turn this off before we get targeted. I’ve been targeted and that can ruin your day or even a week or more.

Dr. Ruth:        How’s that?

Dr. Rosen:      I had an IRS review which was totally suspect. There should have been no suspicion on my filing but I was told that I underpaid my taxes. And the number they gave was essentially the same as my gross income.

Dr. Ruth:        Did you have to pay a big fine?

Dr. Rosen:      No. But I had to pay my accountant to redo the taxes and she came out with the same number so there were no additional taxes or a fine. So my costs were basically a doubling of my CPA’s fees. I call this harassment due to my constitutional views in my editorials and articles.  The allegations were so extreme that I’m sure no one could believe them.

Dr. Ruth:        I think you must be correct. I think our government is more like an enemy instead of a friend.

Dr. Milton:      Looks to me like they are the Harasser of the First Water!

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