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Running to the doctor

Jul 9

Written by: Del Meyer
07/09/2017 11:05 AM 

In a casual conversation, a patient stated she was having some nasal congestion and would have to make a doctor’s appointment to treat this. I asked her if she had used any decongestants? She replied that she didn’t do anything without her doctor’s suggestion. But does that cost you both time and money to go to the doctor for such minor illnesses?

She replied that she always gets time off from work to go to the doctor and her insurance always covers the cost. “But maybe taking some of the OTC decongestants may clear up your condition,” I said. She replied, “Why should I? Why not go for the best possible treatment?”

She increased the cost of her care from a few dollars for a decongestant to a doctor’s office call ($100 to $150?). She didn’t understand that if everyone increased the cost of their care from a few dollars to over a hundred dollars, her insurance costs would have to more than double.

She had no idea what I was talking about. Third party health care will bankrupt our country, because it causes medical illiteracy.

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