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Socialized Medicine: Restrictive Healthcare

Oct 25

Written by: Del Meyer
10/25/2017 5:52 AM 

The National Health Service (NHS) has restricted elective surgery such as obesity surgery to patients that have lost a certain amount of weight on their own prior to being approved for the operation. It has further restricted treatment for other diseases until cigarette smokers have ceased smoking for 8 months.

This creates a waiting list. Some never make the requirements for treatment.

Patients can die waiting having never been treated.

This is how the socialists save money.

This is the ultimate cruelty of Socialism.

However, Socialists never state this and even deny this.

And when Conservatives point this they are criticized for insensitivity and hate.

This psychiatric defense mechanism of projection is transferring your feelings such as hatefulness on someone else.

However, psychiatrists have great difficulty in removing this primitive defense mechanism, if for no other reason than people with personality disorders never seek treatment. It is a too valuable character flaw to lose.

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