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The approach to Undocumented Immigrants

Sep 14

Written by: Del Meyer
09/14/2018 12:28 PM 

Dr. Rosen:      There is a debate about what to do with the 11-million undocumented immigrants in our country? The late Charles Krauthammer, MD, columnist, knew exactly what we should do?

Dr. Edwards: He seemed to support President Trump in building a wall and then let immigration reform be discussed afterwards. After the previous 3-million undocumented immigrants were granted amnesty, this had no effect on the crises which the politicians felt was solve. We now have 11-million undocumented immigrants. If the wall is built and the river of immigrants is stopped, we can easily discuss a more humane approach to these refuges since the river has been dammed. We then won’t have another crises.  

Dr. Milton:      That certainly is a logical stance. Don’t most countries have a boundary or wall?

Dr. Ruth:        I’m not sure about a wall, but most countries seem to have a secure border. Even in the EU there seems to be some recognition when you pass through one country to another.

Dr. Michelle:   When we go to Canada, we have to give our official ID whether it’s a passport or accepted driver’s license number.

Dr. Dave:        If we have to show our ID when we go to Canada or Mexico, is that too much to ask? The only difference that I see is that Mexico is the path for Central and South Americans to flee their country. That suggests that the southern hemisphere desires what America has to offer.

Dr. Edwards:  I think that Krauthammer’s approach is a good solution. Build the Wall first and then talk about Amnesty? We’ve tried amnesty several times already. It hasn’t worked. So Krauthammer’s editorial on building the wall first might work”

Dr. Edwards:  I agree with Dr. Krauthammer. Build the wall first and then negotiating amnesty will end this recurring problem.

Dr. Rosen:      It appears that we all agree on our colleagues’ approach. So let’s support it with our congressional representatives and senators.

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