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Feb 9

Written by: Del Meyer
02/09/2018 2:06 PM 

Killing the Deep State: The fight to save Donald Trumps’ Presidency

By Jerome R Corsi, PhD.

NY Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi reveals the secret plan to destroy President Trump.

Now Trump must fight back to save his presidency and America.

Secretly operating behind the curtain of “national security” in Washington, D.C., exists the real government of the United States — the Deep State. This is the story of the players who pull the strings, no matter who you voted for, who actually sits in the Oval Office, or even who controls Congress. 

Now, the New York Times bestselling author of The Obama Nation, The Late Great USA, and Unfit for Command pulls the veil off the Deep State and the powerful agencies behind it — the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, and the Federal Reserve.

In his latest bestseller, Killing the Deep State, Dr. Jerome Corsi reveals for the first-time powerful evidence that the Deep State is seeking to remove President Trump from office.

Corsi argues that no government agency, department, or official inside Washington — including the president of the United States — is immune from the powerful grip of the Deep State.

Saving Trump

Inside his explosive new book, Killing the Deep State, Corsi lays it all out — from the alarming evidence for the coup d’état to take out President Trump to the plan that will allow the president and patriots to destroy this dangerous shadow government for good.

Corsi offers the “smoking gun” proof that the FBI has now taken the lead to stop Trump once and for all.

He also provides new evidence that Barack Obama and his key lieutenants are orchestrating the Deep State — relying on many of his most trusted aides who are still in the government working for President Trump!

Killing the Deep State shows that the investigation led by Robert Mueller, the former FBI director who served under Obama, is nothing more than a political witch hunt.

Corsi says President Trump is key to restoring America, protecting the U.S. Constitution, our borders, and our way of life — and the man who can destroy the global New World Order.

Answers Revealed

Have you ever wondered why?

  • Just 24 hours after her loss in the presidential election, Hillary was already touting the Russian collusion theme? It was part of this FBI “insurance policy.” Pages 6 and 19.
  • The FBI’s Robert Mueller has turned a blind eye to the open and brazen efforts of the Bureau to first back the Clintons and now sabotage Trump? Page 104.
  • Russia was funneled U.S. military technology and 20% of all U.S. uranium production as part of the “Russian reset.”. . . Pages 111-113.
  • Popular Fox News host Glenn Beck, MSNBC’s Pat Buchanan, and CNN’s Lou Dobbs were all forced off their networks? Find out which powerful figure in the Deep State was behind this rabid attack. Page 124.
  • Why Obama wants black America against President Trump and how antifa activities became designated as domestic terrorist violence by U.S. Department of Homeland Security. . . yet the mainstream media still champions their cause and hails them as heroes? Page 134.
  • FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, who once led the Clinton email probe, changed the wording in James Comey’s speech about Hillary’s handling of classified information through her private email server from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”? Page 7.
  • It took so long for government officials to admit the Fusion GPS dossier was a fake — paid for by surprising sources. Were the FBI and Obama behind it as well? Page 90.

Deep State Plan Was Well Underway

As Corsi explains in Killing the Deep State, the effort to stop the Trump presidency was well underway in the weeks before the momentous 2016 election — as some polls suggested he might actually beat Hillary Clinton.

Key operatives of the Deep State began to hatch a plot call the “Prudential Plan” — named after the well-known insurance company.

Killing the Deep State is making waves . . .

He Can’t Do It Alone

“Nobody understands the Deep State like Jerome Corsi. Anyone who wants to see it dismantled needs this book, because Trump can’t do it alone.”— Joseph Farah, Founder, WND

“Jerry Corsi may just be the best investigative journalist working today and this incredible book proves it.” — Roger Stone, Trump Campaign Manager

The Prudential Plan was the insiders’ own “insurance” against President Trump — that would keep the Deep State humming no matter what Donald Trump decided to do as president.

Here are just some of the incredible revelations Corsi makes in Killing the Deep State:

  • “F—ing terrifying.” Which Deep Stater typed this in an email sent from a government phone when Trump’s election victory became apparent. Page 5.
  • The name of the high-ranking Deep Stater in whose office the failed government plot to defeat Trump was hatched. (Guess where he still works?) Page 6.
  • “The smoking gun” — irrefutable digital evidence of “the amount of anti-Trump hatred at the head of the FBI and DOJ during the election and afterward.” Page 8.
  • A $675,000 money trail leads from the Democratic Party to the top levels of the FBI. Few Americans have seen how these dots connect. Page 9.
  • Did the Russian-speaking wife of a high-ranking Deep Stater establish backline communication with a foreign spy to help plot against the Trump campaign? Page 11.
  • PANIC: How Trump’s victory plunged the Deep State into a profound sense of shock and fear. Page 17.
  • The ultimate ambition of Obama and the Deep State: “to create a far-left utopia . . . a Marxist-leaning social welfare state consistent with globalist one-world-government ambitions.” Page 23.
  • “Globalists in the Deep State have already decided that Trump must be removed from the presidency — one way or the other.” See their Plans A, B, and (if all else fails) C — all listed on page 30.
  • Deep State control of this one department sets them up perfectly to remove Trump from office. Page 58.
  • How Deep Staters turned James Comey’s firing into a fishing expedition “with virtually unlimited scope, unlimited completion deadline, and unlimited funding.” Page 62.
  • How crony capitalism has earned James Comey millions. Page 64.
  • Which Deep State agency “has been involved since its inception both in operating the international trade in illicit drugs and in creating, financing, and arming various terrorist organizations around the globe.” See the evidence on page 68.
  • How the Deep State’s loyalty to Obama “worked in the interest of making sure Democratic Party high crimes and misdemeanors in the White House were excused.” Page 71.
  • “If you send emails to [see page 82] or browse websites outside of the United States, the NSA has almost certainly searched through your communications — and it has done so without a warrant.”
  • Deep State access to this key technology gives it the opportunity to exercise “control of the U.S. population.” Page 83.
  • Perhaps the most convincing evidence that the Russians were not involved in accessing John Podesta’s emails. Page 93.
  • “Extensive evidence that the real Russian collusion involved Democrats.” Page 98.
  • Why did Hillary order Robert Mueller to make a secret trip to Russia? Page 107.
  • The identity of the U.S.-based terror group that equates law enforcement with fascism and racism, yet is championed by the mainstream media. Page 134.
  • Which mainstream media outlet published formal “standards” equating conservatism with racism and white supremacy. Page 140.
  • Why the “Russian collusion” meme will not go away until Trump himself employs the specific tactics given on page 151.
  • The real purpose of mainstream media “presidential approval” polls. Page 157.
  • The counteroffensive Trump must launch if he is to take full advantage of his historic opportunity to Make America Great Again. Page 160.
  • 3 personal qualities Trump must tap if he is to the end the reign of “the entrenched enemies of God, freedom, and humanity.” Page 163.

The Trump Plan to Decimate the Deep State

A FINAL Warning

“The Deep State will not care if Trump is removed from office by impeaching him, declaring him mentally incompetent, or in the final resort, by assassinating him, as long as he is removed from office before the completion of his first term.”

— Jerome Corsi, Killing the Deep State

There is a way out . . . a way to defeat the hard-leftists at their own game. In Killing the Deep State Dr. Jerome Corsi lays it all out, step by step.

But he also warns that the effort to stop and remove Trump has been well underway. Trump is outnumbered and outgunned. With the help of liberal billionaires like George Soros, he is also being out financed.

Still, Corsi says Trump can vanquish the Deep State and his most virulent opponents.

In Killing the Deep State he reveals his masterful plan for Trump. . .

  • The game-changing national security crisis that could force the Deep State to abandon the Russian collusion meme. History shows this plan will work. Pages 152-153.
  • How Trump can play this “card” to his advantage and silence Deep State narratives backed by no evidence that are bent on destroying his presidency. Page 154.
  • The 3 things that can save the Trump presidency, including polls! Pages 155-157.
  • How ending a time-honored tradition will silence the mainstream media and stop the jackals from attacking the president and planting fake news. Pages 170-171.

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