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The Elections are over, Now What?

Dec 9

Written by: Del Meyer
12/09/2017 1:15 PM 

Dr. Rosen:      Looks like we’ve survived the national elections. But it seems like the losers are not happy.

Dr. Edwards:  Not happy is certainly an understatement. I’ve never seen the losers so angry.

Dr. Milton:      They think they’ve been screwed by the Electoral College. 

Dr. Ruth:        If we didn’t have the electoral college, four or five states could devastate our country. Just imagine a lopsided win in California which could have put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Dr. Milton:      They don’t understand the fairness of the college because of their political viewpoint. It has nothing to do with “May the best man win.” It’s only that, in their opinion, their man (Hillary) is the obvious best man.

Dr. Sam:         Without the Electoral College, our very constitution, arguable the world’s finest document, would become paper trash. What a tragic loss.

Dr. Rosen:      Then two hundred years of the greatest experiment in freedom would have come to an end.

Dr. Edwards:  Don’t celebrate our win too soon. Those that are unhappy are a nasty bunch. They won’t stop attempting  to reverse the will of the people.

Dr. Ruth:        I have never seen a winner that was being pummeled as viciously as our present winner.

Dr. Milton:      No one has ever received the degree of vitriol that our present winner has received.

Dr. Rosen:      It will take Congressional success to slowly change the viewpoints that will otherwise destroy our country.

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