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The House of Representatives Pre-occupation!

Dec 17

Written by: Del Meyer
12/17/2019 2:46 AM 

Dr. Rosen:       These are interesting times, aren’t they? They seem to keep the WSJ busy as we glance at the papers on our tables and the TV in the corner over there. Everyone seems to have their own projections on how this is going to turn out.

Dr. Edwards:   It seems that this whole diatribe started during the elections process in 2016 and hasn’t let up since. So it would be difficult to attribute anything to what he has done during his presidency.

Dr. Milton:      The interesting thing is that the focus seems to be changing from day to day. Isn’t it hard to pin something on a moving object? But just pin anything on him that you can seems the modus operendi.

Dr. Ruth:         You mean the focus on what our president did wrong is changing from day to day until we can find something that sticks, don’t you? The anger against the president is the only thing that hasn’t changed. The issues seem to be anything you can find. Russia, Ukraine, Putin, Volodymyr Zelensky, Jared Kushner, etc., et. al. It’s like the restaurant Menu: What is the Soup de Jour? What is the crime today?

Dr. Michelle:   The opponents didn’t even wait until he was elected, did they? How else could they use slogans like “never trump” which obviously could not be vocalized “why never?” That seems to be based on pure hostility, rather than on reason. I don’t believe anyone has tried to pin “climate change” on our president?

Dr. Yancy:       Well, some are saying that the president is lifting some of the anti-pollution changes and this should be a serious cause for alarm and the best way to eliminate that would be to eliminate the president.

Dr. Sam:          Senator Joe Lieberman stated that he did not vote for impeachment in Bill Clinton’s case because he couldn’t see where immoral conduct or even perjury would mean he was a threat to our country. But why does anyone feel that our president is a threat to our country?

Dr. Dave:         There is such a huge “Hidden State” that seems to be able to monitor every phone call that the president makes to a foreign leader. Could anybody survive such scrutiny?

Dr. Kaleb:       When Reagan had the “Arms for Hostage Scandal” which was a real threat  and a real error of his, he addressed the nation and said that what he did was his best judgement, but “I was wrong and should not have done it.” Clinton also made a similar apology. But no one thinks that our president is capable of apologizing. So can that difference determine an outcome?

Dr. Patricia:    I think if someone came after the speaker of the House, she would be found guilty of several things? No one, even those in this conference room, could survive such scrutiny.

Dr. Joseph: Ret            The recurrent comment about the speaker of the house “Let’s pass it so we can read it” should have been address by the House. Aren’t our representatives supposed to do “due diligence?” Shouldn’t she have been tried for malfeasance in office? I know this is not the same as impeachment, but impeachment is not something the house can do to its own members. But they could sanction her or even remove her.

Dr. Edwards:   Should the president have unlimited power to negotiate? Don’t we know that Hunter Biden got rich on his board position in Ukraine?

Dr. Milton:      Maybe this Arkansas woman who is suing him in her paternity lawsuit will find out how much he made being on the Burisma board.

Dr. Dave:         We already know that he made $50,000 a month for the five years he served. At $600,000 per year for 5-years, he made at least three million.

Dr. Rosen:       That should be enough to justify our president asking Ukraine’s president to level with us concerning Hunter Biden. Sounds like our President did the rational thing to seek information on the Son of our former vice president.

Dr. Ruth:         This should all be very interesting when we read about it in our retrospective scope years down the road.

Dr. Rosen:       Only if history books will be accurate some-day.

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