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The Killing of a Presidency

Apr 15

Written by: Del Meyer
04/15/2019 11:34 PM 

Dr. Rosen:      This morning, Good Morning America, a happy and jovial news and human-interest morning show with a high rating, had a very abbreviated session. They adjourned to an L-shaped desk with George Stephanopoulos sitting on the inside with two male and two female reporters opposite. They had reviewed the Mueller report concerning the president which was released earlier today and reflected the two years of investigating the president. This was primarily about alleged Russian interference with our 2016 presidential election. Since, nothing was found in this regard, ABC assembled this team to review the report in great detail. They discussed other matters with which they could charge the president.

Dr. Edwards: The president has termed this investigation a “witches hunt” to find anything they could charge him with that was serious enough for impeachment.

Dr. Milton:     This points out that the entire network is biased and poised to terminate this presidency. The reason for the massive effort of the Mueller report which has taken two years and a large number of attorneys to investigate has never been understood by me.

Dr. Ruth:       A lot of women were hopeful that we would have a female president by this times. I even have friends that realize the woman that ran against the president had a lot of baggage that needed explaining which never came.

Dr. Michelle:  I have some friends who are feminist and they were almost livid that she didn’t make it. Some even admitted that she may even have been a criminal with friends in high enough places that this would never have surfaced if she had won the White House. They were prepared to accept her transgressions, and still endorse her.

Dr. Milton:     Do you think there were a number of conservative women who voted against their own conscience just to see a woman in the White House?

Dr. Michelle:  Yes, I do. Many of the feminists feel they have not had the opportunity to confirm themselves as equal to men politically.

Dr. Ruth:       I personally don’t feel there is a glass ceiling that prevents my progressing as well as I think I’m able. I know a number of RNs who feel the same way.

Dr. Edwards: I don’t think the “glass ceiling” will ever go away. The evidence is that male and female graduates in the same field will earn approximately the same until their private lives and desires change. We just need to let these things evolve naturally. Women doctors will go into the specialties that fit their personal goals and men will do the same. Because of gender, these may be entirely different.

Dr. Rosen:      I know a woman who was two years into her neurosurgical train who came to the conclusion, after being up every third night that this would continue in practice. She cross-trained into neurology for another four years. She’s now very happy in a career that requires minimal night work and she can do things that only a woman can do. A man would never do that.

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