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The Pandemic that need not have happened.

Aug 18

Written by: Del Meyer
08/18/2020 10:29 PM 

Dr. Rosen:       We have had flu epidemics that resulted in millions of deaths. We have always dealt with them in the usual fashion of avoiding the sick and taking the usual precautions. Why the big falderal for this Corona Virus?

Dr. Edwards:   I think it was mostly due to politicians trying to play public health doctor.           

Dr. Milton:      But then the head of CDC and NIH came up with horrible guidelines of maintaining that staying 6 feet apart was as good as wearing a mask.

Dr. Ruth:         But didn’t the mayors and governors take the cue from the CDC & NIH doctors?

Dr. Edwards:   I think you may be correct. So that means the doctors at CDC & NIH made a strategic medical error and should be held accountable for that.

Dr. Michelle:   I find it hard to believe that the medical heads at CDC and NIH could actually have come up with such nonsense. I don’t know of any doctor that wouldn’t put on a mask if they were treating someone with a respiratory infection.

Dr. Yancy:       That’s a straight path from the patient’s nose and mouth to my nose and mouth if I didn’t \wear a mask to cover my nose and mouth so the virus doesn’t have a direct path to my throat and lungs.

Dr. Sam:          If the patient is sick with a respiratory infection, the patient should also wear a mask.

Dr. Milton:      Having the sick patient wear a facial covering was a late stage in the long fight against tuberculosis. We used to get into gown and gloves and a face covering when we got close to a TB patient. The hysteria around TB was present for many years It was only about 50 years ago that we got more scientific about TB.

Dr. Dave:         So then are we saying that this hysteria was caused by the Mayors and Governors getting people riled up and then giving them poor isolation technique? I don’t know of one doctor that would think it safe just to stay six foot away from a respiratory viral infection.

Dr. Kaleb:       Back in my country we frequently just protected ourselves by putting on a mask. It was no big issue.

Dr. Patricia:    But that probably wasn’t true for the lay public, was it? I see that as a problem in our country by putting on a mask when you’re not sick.

Dr. Joseph: Ret            I must agree with you but in my day we normally did minor surgery without sterile technique. But we didn’t have staph in those days. It’s a different world for you folks.

 Dr. Rosen:      But in the 21st century, it is totally inexcusable to make such a statement that the six-foot distance is better than a mask. It’s a good thing that nobody is thinking that way now. But, isn’t it too late to stop the pandemic since there are thousands of small epidemics throughout out our country as well as throughout the world? Out public health leaders should have informed the public about appropriate isolation technique in February right after the first epidemics in New York, Washington and a few other places. But the government closing down the entire country is too Marxist for my comfort. Each business could have instituted appropriate measures on their own with adequate advice from doctors rather than the hazardous direction we got.

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