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The Pandemic Which Should Not Have Been

Jun 19

Written by: Del Meyer
06/19/2020 12:59 AM 

Dr. Rosen:       Why is the Pandemic Covid –19, which allegedly originated in Wuhan, China becoming even more severe in the United States than in China? Our first case was on Jan 20.2020. We are now in our fourth month and still having new cases daily. What went wrong?

Dr. Edwards:   For one, the media was overwhelmed with politicians playing public health doctors. We heard from officials, even physicians extolling the need for 6 feet safe distancing as being more important than face masks. Is there any physician in this staff room agreeable to that?

Dr. Milton:      That is totally untenable. Of course, as physicians we cannot remain 6 feet from the patient we are examining with our face essentially over the patient. We wouldn’t think of doing that without a face cover. And our hospital endorses the strict requirement of facial masks for fear of liability from something so obvious.

Dr. Ruth:         What is so heartbreaking to me is the number of people dying who are not allowed to see their loved ones before they die. And the loved ones are not allowed to visit and say goodbye to their family members as they are dying. Doctors and nurses are attending these people that are sick just as we have always done. And we have always allowed their family members to visit even wearing gown, masks and gloves when they come into the room.

Dr. Michelle:   I think the restrictions during this epidemic border on cruelty by not allowing family members to visit. Isn’t when a loved one is dying, the most important time for a family visit? And unfortunately this medical insanity is laid at the feet of physicians.

Dr. Yancy:       This nonsense started with the “social” distancing which politicians implemented with no real knowledge of how infections spread in the real world. This is the danger always present when politicians try to explain basic principles and use them to practice medicine. “Social” distancing was simply a study done to observe how respiratory infections spread with coughing or sneezing. It is basically a laboratory type of test done under controlled circumstances in a controlled room with no outdoors variables. It was never meant to explain how an epidemic spreads. When politicians use a controlled experiment to design isolation procedures, not knowing how infections spread in real life, it no longer is a valid form of isolation.

Dr. Sam:          The New York Governor, as I recall, actually informed the people of New York to follow “social” distancing. He even alluded that “social” distancing was more effective than wearing a mask. If this is true, should he not be held liable for the spread in his state that has exceeded some entire countries?

Dr. Dave:         Now that we are taking issue with China’s negligence in not containing the corona virus, should we not make one of our own accountable?

Dr. Edwards:   I still see a lot of people not wearing a mask. When I point this out to them, they say that they are not sick. This has not been made clear to the public that people who are infected don’t become sick until the incubation period of 10-14 days it takes for the virus to establish disease in a new host.  Therefore, everyone has to wear a mask for 14 – 21 days to make the virus stop in its tracks.

Dr. Ruth:         So with appropriate Public Health Information saturating the airwaves starting on January 20, 2020, the virus would have run its course by Feb 21. Then there would be no current epidemic, or pandemic, or any Covid-19 today. That would have spared us the current depression, the current $ Trillions we have borrowed to prevent businesses from going into bankruptcy, and this total disruption of our economy.

Dr. Milton:      This unnecessary economic disruption, which is continuing into the fifth month since our first case, will plague us for years to come as we try to pay off Trillions of Unnecessary dollars which is greater than our entire national economy.  

Dr. Kaleb:       So we’ll be wearing masks intermittently for the next year or so. This will be a new experience for Americans. In my country we are quick to put on masks for every outbreak which can be frequent.

Dr. Patricia:    Masks look so awful. I’ve seen some that are rather stylish and mesh with some of the other clothes we wear. I think I’ll explore their source.

Dr. Joseph, Ret: Looks like you’re having more struggles than my parents had with the Spanish flu in 1918. There were no antiviral agents for the flu then and we don’t have any for the current Covid Flu a full century later. Maybe we should take the Public Health Department out of Health and Welfare department and give it some standing. Sometimes going back to a position where you once stood, is actually moving forward.

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