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The Pathologic Vitriol against President Trump

Jun 18

Written by: Del Meyer
06/18/2019 7:06 PM 

Dr. Rosen:       The massive anger of the radical left liberals against President Donald Trump is difficult to comprehend. Is there a logical reason for this vitriol?

Dr. Edwards:   They just can’t believe that Donald Trump won the 2016 election. There must be something terribly wrong that allowed that to happen.

Dr. Milton:      Now that we have Mueller’s two volume report representing two years of inquiry by members of the radical liberal left, they can’t figure out what Mr. Mueller did wrong or left out on purpose.

Dr. Ruth:         It doesn’t seem unusual to me that Russia was concerned with our elections. We have been involved in foreign politics ourselves. We are currently involved in who is in charge of Venezuela. I believe we have been involved in the Philippine electoral process. And we were certainly involved with several European countries.

Dr. Paul:          But do you like the way he negotiates? When the N Korea Dictator Kim Jong Un bragged about his having a button that he could push to clear his way, President Trump stated that he had a much bigger button. Isn’t that an aggressive war-like stance?

Dr. Edwards:   I would just call that the art of business negotiation. Didn’t that bring that Dictator Kim Jong Un to the negotiation table in Singapore?

Dr. Michelle:   I was worried about that myself but I think you’re right. Maybe that’s the only type of language that Kim Jong Un understands.

Dr. Yancy:       The second meeting on Hanoi last February had some bumps but it looks like negotiations are on again. President Trump waxed poetic about a “beautiful” new letter from Kim Jong-un on Tuesday, calling the brutal North Korean dictator a man of his word.

Dr. Sam:          Can you even imagine that a radical liberal leftist would be as good as President Trump on the international scene?

Dr. Dave:         It would not have gotten to the initial stage and the first meeting. The liberal radical left would have cowed nervously from Kim Jong Un initial threat of having “a button” and led us to believe that he could push that button.

Dr. Sam:          I’m sure that Kim’s button didn’t have any hot wires leading anywhere. It was only Kim’s hot air which frightens liberals just like Reagan’s ending the cold war scared Senator Kennedy into sending a letter to Mikhail Gorbachev inquiring about suggestions he might have on how to control Reagan. That letter was actually found, I believe, during Glasnost and Perestroika when Gorbachev instituted the policies of openness and restructuring. If Trump had written that letter, the liberal radical left  would certainly have interpreted it as espionage and treason.

Dr. Dave:         I guess that would seem like “different strokes for different folks” if it weren’t so serious.

Dr. Rosen:       It would also be funny if it wasn’t such a serious international cold war event. It would also suggest that Edward Kennedy was not as patriotic as Donald Trump.

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