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The Presidential Race

Dec 9

Written by: Del Meyer
12/09/2015 4:44 AM 

Dr. Rosen:       Here we are half way through the presidential primaries like we’ve never seen before.  Have we lost our civility? Is the Republican Party in the early stages of self-destruction? The Republican Party is the third oldest political party in the world formed in the 1850s and sometimes called the party of Lincoln (the Conservator Party in the UK is the second oldest). It controls most of the governorships and the legislative bodies in our country.

Dr. Edwards:  I don’t think the party is in danger. But we have stagnated. Nearly all physicians have been members over the centuries. But many are choosing other political alliances which they feel are more appropriate. But are they?

Dr. Milton:      Many of us think the Party of Lincoln is quite effective. Not one member voted for the disastrous Obama Care we are experiencing. It was supposed to save our patients insurance dollars. But we see patients complaining every day of the excessive costs they’re experiencing.

Dr. Edwards:  The Party of Lincoln has had the opportunity to defund this socialistic legislative disruption of our health care system since they control the House of Representatives for  the past five years where the funding has to originate, and they have done nothing to stem the tide. The group of contenders for the White House may be good constitutionalist, but one gets the impression that most don’t have the spine to change the direction.

Dr. Rosen:      That’s what makes this Presidential election so interesting and so important. We have an outspoken RINO running who may be somewhat boisterous, from a Liberal state that thinks he built New York City to its current grandeur, who is influencing the Party of Lincoln to an amazing degree. Although, I didn’t think a RINO should be taking over the Party of Lincoln that believes strongly in our Constitutional form of Government, he appears to be heading very successfully in that direction. I’m beginning to think that he’s probably the best thing that’s happened to revive our Freedom loving Party. We needed  an awakening. Our central committee be astute enough to make sure he doesn’t go off on a tangent. After all, he’s an entrepreneur—a group that doesn’t want to be restrained or restricted by an oppressive government. So he will be unable to go off on a tangent too far.

Dr. Milton:      I think the two most dangerous words for the party to use is “repeal Obamacare.” The millions of our patients, who have had their lives disrupted by Obama Care, even though they dislike its cost and restrictions, would not like for their lives to be disrupted by another huge change in their health care. Our efforts might best be spent in developing a private system outside of government that incentivizes cost containment rather than gluttonous utilization.  By eliminating the gluttony of health insurance, we could save nearly half of healthcare costs. On most days in the office I can document major cost savings if the patient had to pay a deductible on every drug or laboratory request. On many days, I have patients that would eliminate all unnecessary lab tests requested by simply asking if they had to pay 30 percent of the lab costs, would they still think they needed the test. That prunes unnecessary costs very quickly.

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