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May 30

Written by: Del Meyer
05/30/2017 5:49 AM 

Dr. Rosen:      The Inauguration has now been completed. The Missouri State Choir and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir were a good choice. The Military bands and the entire parade were truly marvelous. The Liberty, Freedom and the Military Balls were beautiful as the bands played “Doing it My Way” when the Presidential Party arrived. First Donald in Tux and Melania in a Gorgeous Gown came on the stage and began dancing, Then Michael and Karen Pence came on the stage equally well attired, Then after few rounds, the entire Trump family and their spouses also beautifully dressed came on and dance to “Doing it My Way,” a very appropriate song in tuned with the theme of the occasion.

Dr. Edwards:  I was particularly impressed with the 16-minute Inaugural address by President Trump. The papers called it a “Major Turn to the Right” which was an appropriate way of say a “Correction to the Right from the prior DC years.

Dr. Milton:      I think President Trump must have read Peggy Noonan’s editorial on how to frame the speech—at least in keeping it short and to the point.

Dr. Edwards:  My but wasn’t that point really blunt?

Dr. Ruth:        I just had a good feeling after seeing the beauty of such a well-dressed crowd and the colorful women’s gowns. They all seemed to be so happy.

Dr. Paul:         I’m very concerned with his eliminating Obama Care. We have put our patients through so much with Obama Care in the last 8 years. They have become so accustomed to it. I’m not sure the public can handle a major change so soon.

Dr. Michelle:   But none of Obama’s promises have been kept. Almost everyone had to change doctors. They were placed into new plans and they had to go through the harassment of having their medications decline after the previous physician went through that with them. They should not have to go through all the cheaper trial drugs and suffer the same intolerance that they did before.

Dr. Paul:         I think Obama Care had its struggles, but to toss 8 years of experience?

Dr. Michelle:   But don’t you think it was a very unfortunate and not helpful experiment rather than experience?

Dr. Yancy:      I just completely bypassed the issue when asked if “such and such” drugs have been tried by saying all the HMO recommendations have already been tried. I know this may not be an entirely true statement, and again it is as likely as not that the previous physician did go through the HMO hassle; but why should the patient re-suffer the problems of intolerance of prior medication failures.

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