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Trump’s Entry Into A White House Run

May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 4:47 AM 

Dr. Rosen:   Donald Trump has entered the Presidential Race. Is he really a Republican?

Dr. Edwards:   I don’t think he understands limitations in government.

Dr. Milton:   He is for Single Payer Health Care. That would not be good for doctors, their patients, nor the current insurance companies.

Dr. Ruth:   Wouldn’t he use the insurance companies to administer his program much like Medicare and CMS are doing now?

Dr. Michelle:   It seems the insurance companies today are just implementing what CMS dictates.

Dr. Yancy:   Insurance companies will become like paper tigers—no teeth, no moral restraints.

Dr. Sam:   And physicians will become robots with the controls from Washington, D.C. via CMS.

Dr. Dave:   And our patients will become brainless Pawns, to be manipulated in a cost-containment fashion, outmaneuvering the conservative watchdogs, without any moral turpitude.

Dr. Kaleb:   Every country in the world is going through this same maize. As physicians we have to master these channels and navigate them better than politicians and their bureaucrats.

Dr. Patricia:   But why should physicians have to play these games?

Dr. Rosen:   Our colleagues from the UK at our meetings are quite open about their medical choices to circumvent political directives. On asking them, what’s new in Britain? They are very frank and say, their minister of the NHS this year has funded Asthma care, so we all get busy doing all the expensive allergy and pulmonary evaluation of our patients. The criteria become much looser in these situations with an open window to the Ministers favorite diseases since we know there is little review of their favorite diseases. Our colleagues think the NHS minister has asthmatics in his family.

Dr. Milton:   A couple of years ago, emphysema was the favorite. He was on a cigarette rampage and so anything goes that is related to cigarette smoking.

Dr. Thomas:   But that could go the opposite direction. If the Minister is so antismoking, he could just as easily state that it’s the patient’s fault. Why spend money on self-induced diseases?

Dr. Harold:   With all this emphasis on aid in Dying, we could all just give these folks in lung failure some extra valium and in a few days they would be so sleepy that they couldn’t breathe. Wouldn’t that be a painless death?

Dr. Milton:   And that would also make the undertakers happy and wealthy. Congress is less averse to making undertakers millionaires that they are to making doctors rich. They hate us.

Dr. Sam:   Maybe we shouldn’t take all this so seriously. Why don’t we just play their game their way and beat them at it. I’m sure we are all smart enough to overspend on all the loopholes and bring the CMS to their knees as they go belly up. Actually, I think that would be fun.

Dr. Richard:   It would also be tragic to destroy our healthcare system.

Dr. Harold:   The politicians would just blame the doctors and the AMA would agree with them.

Dr. Sam:   Didn’t Romney already do it by introducing Obamacare Light in Massachusetts? That  made it a piece of cake for Obama.

Dr. Yancy:   Don’t forget Gov. Christie of New Jersey closing the George Washington Bridge twice tainting his administration and his party. He’s clearly a RINO.

Dr. Edwards:   Now we have a third RINO Donald Trump, former Democrat and large contributor to the  Democratic Party. What will he do? What can he do?

Dr. Yancy:   Well, he has promised to bring Hillary to justice. He’s the only Republican, even though he may be a RINO, who has the capability to do so.

Dr. Edwards:   So what is a Democrat to do?

Dr. Yancy:   Support Bernie, of course.

Dr. Sam:   Good idea. I think Bernie would be easier to defeat than Hilary.

Dr. Yancy:   At least that would eliminate the female prejudice.  What do you think Ruth?

Dr. Ruth:   I’m sorry to agree. Many women would vote to eliminate what they feel is the glass ceiling.

Dr. Patricia:   I’ve always felt we were fortunate in Medicine. Our salaries are not gender based unless we women make it so by wanting less hours for what only women can do.

Dr. Michelle:   If we are in private practice as most of us in the Doctor’s Lounge are, our income is based on the volume of work we do. I think that’s fair.

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