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What Is A Doctors Biggest Challenge? Obstacle?

May 22

Written by: Del Meyer
05/22/2017 4:58 AM 

Dr. Rosen:      What are the biggest challenges we face?

Dr. Edwards:  Drowning in the minutiae of life. The things we have to do that don’t help us, our patients, society, or the cost of healthcare.

Dr. Ruth:        That’s an interesting way to put it. I think of all the ways insurance companies prevent patients getting the best care. We have to complete enormous amounts of forms and justification for everything we do. Doesn’t anyone trust us anymore to do the correct thing?

Dr. Milton:      Does any of that improve patient care? I don’t think so.

Dr. Sam:         I agree. In fact it decreases quality of care. Many times I think the care that I plan exceeds the care recommended by insurance companies.

Dr. Yancy:      Isn’t that the truth? The insurance companies, HMOs, Medicare, Medicaid all want us to work faster and be more efficient and they keep putting in road blocks so we can’t to do  that efficiently.

Dr. Rosen:      They think by eliminating tests and procedures they lower the cost of care. They can’t connect to the next level where morbidity increases and life takes a sharp turn to the left.

Dr. Sam:         Of course a dead patient consumes considerable less health care costs.

Dr. Rosen:      But you best not mention that fact our loud.

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