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Who is Responsible for this second wave of Covid

Aug 4

Written by: Del Meyer
08/04/2020 12:55 AM 

Submissions to the press at the beginning of the corona virus epidemic included this message:

Businesses such as restaurants, bars, salons, barbershops or any that preclude the wearing of a face mask covering the nose and mouth should remain closed for the duration of the epidemic. Businesses that remain open during the coronavirus epidemic, should have door monitors or security guards at a single entrance and require a mask for all who enter including the staff. There should be sanitizing solution at the doorway so everyone will spray their hands. There are now infrared thermometers that don’t require skin contact. Everyone entering should have a temperature below 100.4 degrees or be turned away. These simple steps for two weeks (now four weeks) should help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. When there are no new cases of coronavirus spread or Covid-19 infection for a two-week period, (now a four-week period) isolation procedures could be lifted. These precautions would also be effective to prevent the spread of the influenza virus during a flu epidemic.  Personal prevention of Coronavirus infection would consist of wearing a mask at all times whenever they leave their homes or their automobiles and have a small bottle of sanitizing solution in their car and home.

Dr. Rosen:       At the beginning of the Corona Virus epidemic we submitted several manuscripts to the press with the emphases as noted above. In each we emphasized what was necessary to end the Corona Virus epidemic. None were published because it was not in accord with the prevailing invalid opinion.

Dr. Edwards:   People outside of health care just can’t comprehend the wearing of a mask or any isolation technique when they don’t appear to be ill.

Dr. Milton:      That was an important fact that the NIH and CDC failed to emphasize appropriately. It had to be presented in great detail so the lay public could comprehend.

Dr. Ruth:         I think the average person couldn’t comprehend the need for isolation technique outside of a hospital or known infection in a home without the signs and equipment at the doorway.

Dr. Michelle:   Many were misled by the medical authorities saying that the six-foot distancing was as effective as wearing a mask.

Dr. Rosen:       The six-foot distance was never meant to be a form of isolation technique. It was a study done in a laboratory without any air currents. There are few places in our day-to-day activities where that would occur. We, or the others near us, are in a constant state of motion except in an auditorium of classroom. And even there if all the members of the class wore a face mask, it would be adequate for classes to go on.

Dr. Yancy:       What is utterly incomprehensible to me as a surgeon is that no nurse or doctor would accept distancing as any form of isolation. And to see Medical Directors stating such nonsense is really malpractice in any other setting. I guess directors of government organizations have political protection that we as professional laymen don’t understand.

Dr. Edwards:   I think that we as professionals and laymen do comprehend. The damage done is grotesque. And the culprits should be held responsible. According to some estimates this public health medical error has not only increased the death rate, it has caused an economic catastrophe.  

Dr. Michelle:   Maybe when mayors and governors were practicing medicine without a license, the health directors who were subservient to them just vocalized the same misinformation.

Dr. Milton:      I personally don’t think that absolves the medical directors for not practicing appropriate public health care, which I admit is a different animal from our practicing personal healthcare. But I think they still should be held responsible for their statements which misled the lay public, and caused the epidemic to expand or rebound.

Dr. Sam:          I would most certainly agree that they should be held responsible. That error was so egregious that it has caused the greatest public debt in my life and it will take a lifetime of more than one generation of my children to pay it off. Isn’t that a form of enslavement that we are giving to our children?

Dr. Yancy:       It’s an abomination. We used to give our children an inheritance, not debt or servitude.

Dr. Rosen:       There was an editorial by Harold Pease, PhD, recently illustrating just how massive our national debt is. It is now greater than our entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and our children will not be able to pay it off. Therefore, it will pass on to our grandchildren. Dr. Pease thinks this is a “slave bondage” greater than any other. It will encompass a generation yet unborn. What a tragedy for what was once the world’s wealthiest country.

Dr. Ruth:         The other thing that the public fails to understand is that if we had gone persuasively with the medically proven recommendations and medical proven situation of everyone wearing a mask in January or February, we likely would have had no new cases a month later. The pandemic would have disappeared by the second or the third month. Here we are at six months and the pandemic is getting worse.

Dr. Sam:          And that includes millions of unnecessary deaths, equivalent to the world wars.

Dr. Rosen:       And it could have been implemented without any coercion, just informational education. American people are intelligent, understand health issues, and would self-protect themselves and their children.

Dr. Sam:          But the liberals think of change only as secondary to laws, force, police action, and punishment for those that don’t follow the law. Why do they always act as fighters or warriors? We even see that in elections. Some liberals brag about how they will fight for us. They can’t conceive of dialog and community action bringing about the desirable changes without force.

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