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Apr 10

Written by: Del Meyer
04/10/2018 1:42 AM 


Handbook for Total Body Re-Conditioning

Foreword:      The Diet—Weight—Loss Challenge

*A Different Emphasis

Preface:          The Diet—Weight—Loss Conundrum

*Why is there a Weight Problem?

Introduction: The Weight—Loss—Exercise—Dilemma

*Why both are necessary?

*Why this handbook is your answer for total body reconditioning?


Chapter 1:       Principles of Eating, Dieting, and Exercise

*For Physical and Mental Health

Chapter 2:       What is a Normal Weight?

*How Weight and Height are Related.

*The Body-Mass-Index.

Chapter 3:       What is Obesity?

*How are Calories related to obesity?

*How weight and calories are related.

Chapter 4:       The Body Mass Index Table (BMI)

*Determine Your BMI.

*Define your weight category.

Chapter 5:       Your Gain Weight Inventory

*How to Achieve Normal Weight.

*Your Weight-Loss Goal.

Chapter 6:       The Diet Industry Keeps Growing as Dieting Results Are Tanking

*Understanding the relationship of weight to calories and exercise.

*Weight Gain and Weight Loss is a simple equation.

Chapter 7:       The Author’s Personal Experience Validates This Calorie-Weight Loss Relationship

Chapter 8:       Self-care is Increasingly Important

*Understanding Diet-Related Diseases (before you see your doctor or dietitian or go to the hospital).

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